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2016-12-26 Boxing Up 2016 Tax Developments

This is Current Federal Tax Developments for the week of December 26, 2016 - Boxing Up Tax Developments for 2016.  Current Federal Tax Developments is brought to you by the state CPA societies and Nichols Patrick CPE.

This week we’ll look at the following:

  • Some injured veterans have a chance to claim a refund
  • IRS extends automatic accounting method relief for issue related to tangible property regulations
  • Organization denied exempt status where 50% of the benefits would go to one pre-selected person
  • Modifications to trust did not allow for trust income tax deduction
  • Partner discovers that taxes, like life, are unfair
  • Partner who cannot show debt allocated to her found not to have basis with which to claim a loss

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2016-12-26 Boxing Up Tax Developments for 2016 Ed Zollars, CPA

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