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July 11, 2016 - Data Attack

This is Current Federal Tax Developments for the week of July 11, 2016 - Data Attack Current Federal Tax Developments is brought to you by the state CPA societies and Nichols Patrick CPE, Incorporated.

This week we’ll look at the following::

  • IRS Warns Preparers to Be Aware of Data Loss
  • Proposed Regulations on Health Care Credit Provide Design for “Opt-Out” Programs
  • What Doesn’t Work in Proving Equitable Ownership of a Residence
  • Court of Appeals Agrees Working Interest Owners Are Subject to Self-Employment Tax Under Partnership Rules
  • IRS Explains to the Court How It Applied a Refund Before It Received the Return

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2016-07-11 Data Attack Edward K. Zollars, CPA

You can download a PDF with the articles for this week's topics below:

2016-07-11 Current Federal Tax Developments