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31st Annual Forum International Tax Withholding & Information Reporting Conference

Kaplan Financial Education, powered by Loscalzo Institute, has been offering opportunities to hear from industry peers and top practitioners on the best strategies to overcome challenging developments in the international withholding tax and reporting area.

Benefits of attending these conferences include:

  • Learning insights and strategies from recognized industry experts

  • Participating in a unique forum for government and private sector discussion

  • Interacting with and learning from experts in reporting

  • Gaining new, relevant data applicable to your job

Previous event topics have included:

  • Common reporting standard implementation

  • FATCA systems compliance

  • Practical implementation of Section 871(m) rules

  • US NRA and domestic backup withholding challenges

  • The qualified intermediary and qualified derivative dealer rules

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Interact with key government officials

  • Address cutting-edge topics in-depth

  • Learn practical operational solutions, not just technical tax rules and issues

See the Agenda for a breakdown of credits per session.

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Time Zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST).