IRS Announces Early Interaction Initiative to Identify Employers Falling Behind in Payroll Tax Deposits Earlier

In News Release 2015-136 the IRS has announced an initiative to contact businesses the service identifies as “at risk” for falling behind in payroll tax deposits.

The program, called the “Early Interaction Initiative”, is described in the release as noted below:

The initiative is designed to help employers stay in compliance and avoid needless interest and penalty charges. The initiative will seek to identify employers who appear to be falling behind on their tax payments even before an employment tax return is filed. The IRS will offer helpful information and guidance through letters, automated phone messages, other communications and in some instances, a visit from an IRS revenue officer.

The IRS describes how the program will operate as follows:

…[T]he new IRS initiative will monitor deposit patterns and identify employers whose payments decline or are late. Employers identified under this initiative may receive a letter reminding them of their payroll tax responsibilities and asking that they contact the IRS to discuss the situation. In addition, some employers may receive automated phone messages from the IRS providing information and assistance. Where appropriate, an IRS revenue officer will also contact some of these employers at their place of business.