Inauguration Day is a Holiday for Tax Related Due Dates

January 20, 2017 will be the date on which the new President is to be inaugurated—and in emailed advice the IRS Chief Counsel’s office noted that this date will be considered “holiday” for tax purposes.  Thus, any deadlines that fall on January 20, 2017 (a Friday) will instead be treated as actually having a deadline of the following Monday (January 21, 2017).

Inauguration Day is a holiday in the District of Columbia.  Under IRC §7503 any act that the last day to perform falls on a holiday that is recognized by the District of Columbia will generally be treated as due on the following day.  In this case since that following date is a weekend (another “not really a deadline” day recognized by IRC §7503), the due date moves to the following Monday.

For most taxpayers this probably won’t be a major issue, but it can impact payroll tax deposit due dates, time for filing a claim for refund, time to file a Tax Court petition or other similar dates that are a fixed period of time after an event that could have occurred on any date.