Certain Questions on 2015 5500 Series Forms Are Not to Be Answered


The IRS posted information on its website, “IRS Compliance Questions on the 2015 Form 5500-Series Returns,” indicating that certain portions of the 2015 Form 5500 series forms should not be completed.

The notice provides that the following lines/sections on the particular forms noted below should not be completed on 2015 returns:

  • Form 5500, Preparer Information (page 1 bottom)
  • Schedule H, Lines 4o-p, 6a-d
  • Schedule I, Lines 4o-p, 6a-d
  • Schedule R, New Part VII (Lines 20a-c, 21a-b, 22a-d, and 23)
  • Form 5500-SF, Preparer Information (page 1 bottom), Lines 10j, 14a-d, and New Part IX (Lines 15a-c, 16a-b, 17a-d, 18, 19, and 20)