Accountant by Day, Game Winning Goaltender By Night

This time of year, those of us in tax often dream of doing something else.  For one accountant (though, it appears, not a tax accountant) that dream came true in an unexpected manner.  Scott Foster, a 36-year-old accountant, was pressed into service as the goaltender for the Chicago Blackhawks on March 29.

Foster’s way into the hockey and accounting lore can be taken in at, among other places, this story on the NPR website:

36-Year-Old Accountant Called In As Emergency NHL Goalie — And He Crushed It

Basically, Mr. Foster came in with 14 minutes left to go in the game after a pre-game injury sidelined one of the Blackhawk’s goaltenders and the other had to leave the game in the middle of the third period.

Scott Foster managed to shut out the Winnipeg Jets during his stint on the ice, preserving a 6-2 victory for Chicago.

Now back to all of those Form 1040s for the rest of us…