IRS Plans to Revise Rules on Withholding Reported on Form 1042-S to Limit Credit for Withheld Taxes to Amounts Actually Deposited by Withholding Agents

The IRS announced in Notice 2015-10 that the agency plans to issue regulations that will deny refunds to individuals subject to the foreign withholding rules under IRC §§1441-1443 (chapter 3) or §§1471 and 1472 (chapter 4) if the withholding agent fails to deposit the taxes that are withheld.  The IRS justifies this change by noting that the IRS is aware some withholding agents have failed to pay the taxes due and that because the party from whom the tax was withheld and, in some cases, the withholding agent, are outside the United States, the IRS may not be able to recover the taxes if it pays the refund.

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