Owners of Shares in Housing Cooperatives May Escape $10,000 Limit on Tax Deduction Due to Drafting Error in TCJA

In Politico’s Morning Tax on February 21, 2019 a potential loophole regarding property taxes paid by owners of units in housing cooperatives is discussed.  As the article notes:

So why might living in a co-op give taxpayers a way around the SALT cap? In short, co-op owners don’t pay a property tax, or actually buy a property as it’s usually understood, as Pro Tax’s Brian Faler reported. That matters because lawmakers bypassed the section of the tax code that does allow co-op owners to deduct their version of property taxes — essentially a fee paid to the corporation that owns the property, which then pays the taxes — when drafting the TCJA.

The article does caution it’s “not apparent whether co-op owners can assume they’re in the clear, at least for now, on property taxes.”  But what exactly is the issue?

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