Signature No Longer Required When Making IRC §754 Election

Under proposed regulations on which taxpayers may rely upon immediately, elections made by partnerships under IRC §754 will no longer have to be signed by a partnership representative (REG-116256-17; 82 F.R. 47408-47409, October 12, 2017).  The current regulations require that the election be signed, which has created issues with electronically filed partnership income tax returns.

In certain situations, a partnership may elect to adjust the basis of partnership property upon the occurrence of certain actions, such as a transfer of a partnership interest (as provided for in IRC §743) or upon distributions of property (as provided for in IRC §734).

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Existence of §754 Election Does Not Impact Whether Change in Treatment of an Item is an Accounting Method Change

In Chief Counsel Advice 201521012 the IRS concluded that an adjustment of the treatment of an item will not cease to be required to be treated as a change in a method of accounting merely because the taxpayer was a partnership with an election under §754 in place that would have caused a change in the §743(b) adjustment had the new method of accounting been used in the past.

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